O Lord of Hosts!  Thy wisdom shines, Into the heart that ever pines, For fellowship with Thee!  Thy condescending love so great, Hath touched me in my sinful state; From sin and death made free.

Thy arm is strong! Thy grace so free, Reigns on in Royal Majesty, Reigns, as a Sovereign Lord! In righteousness and justice clothed, On Adam’s fallen race bestowed, Through Thy Incarnate Word.

How sad my plight in sins abyss, How dead my soul to holy bliss, How hopeless was my lot! Yet Thou didst choose me in my woe, From out the sons of men below, To live a life with God.

Nor was my soul desirous, Lord, Of all the bliss Thou canst afford, I hated all Thy ways! But by Thy might and power unknown, By edict from Thy glorious Throne, Thy power o’er death displays.

E’er yet my substance Thou hast wrought, E’er yet words were made from naught, Thou chosest me to bless.  Elected by Thy Sovereign Grace, And chosen to behold Thy face, In perfect righteousness.

E’er yet the sun did rule the day, Or night her power might sway, My name was known to Thee.  My name?—A child of Heavenly birth!  My name?—A child of God on earth!  Elect! Eternally!

Before my being aught perceived, Before the breath of life I breathed, Thy condescending love!  Looked down upon my sinful state, Unto Thy praise didst dedicate, And chose me, from above!



In time, Thy providence, O God, Allowed my feet, this earth to trod, Brought forth by Thee, Most High. In Adam’s fallen into shame, Eternal death my only claim, A child of wrath was I.

To Thee I raised a rebel’s voice; Destruction’s ways my joy and choice, A life of sin I led.  I owned Thee not as Lord and King, But felled by sins deep deadly sting, I lay in sin most dead.

Thy good commandments, Lord, I spurned, To ways of death, my heart was turned, Eternal hell my end.  I loved the ways of sin and shame, I blasphemed Thy Most Holy Name, Of worldly Lusts a friend.

Lord, Thou hast called; and I must heed, My heart, Thy mighty grace received, Surrender all to Thee.  Against Thy precepts long I strove, But who can stand before Thy love?  Love, conquered even me!

Tho Thou didst bid Thy thunders roll, Or lightnings flash, to stir my soul, I still had stubborn been.  But, Sovereign Grace my heart subdued, A bleeding Saviour I have viewed, And now I hate my sin!

Thy call, so filled with heav’nly pow’r, Awakened me from death’s dark bower, Thou didst revive my soul!! From darkness to The marv’lous light. My soul in Thee now finds delight, Tho billows surge and roll.



Thy pardoning grace so full and free, Thou Lord didst vouchsafe unto me, My sins are all forgiv’n! Behind Thee, Thou hast cast the whole, Of sin, which weighted down my soul, My destination—Heaven!

Forgiveness, Lord, with Thee is found, Truth, Mercy, Love, in Thee abound, My sins are washed away.  Transgressions Thou rememb’rest not, Iniquities, sins darkest blot, Forever gone are they.

For Thou, O Lord, hast said to me, “As scarlet though Thy sins may be, I wash them white as snow.  Tho crimson Thy transgressions seem, As wool I wash them—As a dream—Remember them no more.”



 Now justified by grace I stand, No law, tho threat’ning by command, Can now condemn my soul.  Thus, justified by sov’reign grace, I look upon Thy smiling face, While judgment’s thunders roll.

Now peace with God I can proclaim, Thy Son for all my guilt was slain, A curse for me was made.  My sin, tho high as heaven above, Was blotted out by Sovereign love, And all Thy judgments stayed.

Tho nothing in my hand I bring, And only to Thy cross I cling, I have no rightful worth.  But Thou by Christ’s atoning blood, Hast all my sin and guilt removed, O Grace of matchless worth!



Redeemed by Thee, from Satan’s might, No more a child of wrath, of night, A child of grace am I.  Thy Spirit poured into my heart, From sin and shame is set apart, A Child of God Most High!

O wondrous birth, not from below, But born of God, Who doth bestow, Adoption to His heir!  Born from above; yea, born of God, Born not of flesh but mighty Word—Child of Thy tender care!

Heir unto life!  Heir unto Heaven!  Heir unto all Thy grace hath given, An heir of God above!  For child Thou hast adopted me, From all corruption made me free, An object of Thy love!

Now from my soul Thy likeness shines, Now all the joys of heav’n are mine, Mine is Thy Righteousness!  My God, my Father, wondrous trust, My all,–Yea, my Redeemer just, Thy Name do I confess.



Lord, by Thy Spirit sanctified, Allegiance to the world denied, Now serve I thee alone.  In bondage once to sin and shame, I now declare Thy glorious Name, And worship at Thy throne.

Once served I Satan; loved his will—An enemy of God—and still, Rejoiced I in my shame.  Now serve I Thee, with upright heart, Thou, Who my great Redeemer art, To all declare Thy fame.

No more to sin am I enslaved, Tho once my soul, of good depraved, Served sin with great desire.  Now serve I Thee and struggle on, And strive for Thee, Thy vict’ry won, Endued by Holy fire.

How great, O God, Thy reign of Grace, Which drew me from a rebel’s place, And set me in the Light!  No more in death’s dark vale I trod, My home is heaven, my Father, God, Soon ends this earthly night.

Then shall my soul in rapture see, The good Thou hast prepared for me, Where life shall never cease!  Then shall I glory near Thy throne, This wilderness no more to roam, Eternal rest and peace!

The Christian is placed in many different circumstances while on this earth. Some are characterized by hardships and trials, and others are full of joy and peace. How should the Christian respond? Throughout the Bible there are numerous times where God’s people sang in response to their various circumstances. Singing in response to God’s ordering […]

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The book of Proverbs was written by King Solomon to his young adult son. Solomon’s purpose in writing Proverbs was “that the generation to come might know them [God’s wonderful works]…that they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments” (Ps. 78:6–7). Throughout the book, Solomon […]

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The group of churches that John writes to in this trio of epistles had recently experienced a split because of doctrinal controversy. We do not know the exact content of the error that these false teachers were spreading, but it is apparent from John’s writing that their teaching somehow denied the truth of the incarnation—that […]

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Jael: An Example of Christian Warfare

This article was originally presented as a speech at a Protestant Reformed mini convention held at Quaker Haven Camp in August 2021. Jael lived during the era of the judges. Deborah the prophetess was the judge who served Israel at the time of Jael. During this time, the Canaanites under the rule of king Jabin […]

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Indiana Mini Convention Review 2021

One of this year’s “mini conventions” was hosted by Grace and Grandville Protestant Reformed Churches at Quaker Haven Camp. Located just over two hours away in northern Indiana, the camp was a perfect fit for the 120 kids and 15 chaperones who attended. A total of twelve different churches were represented: Byron Center, Faith, First […]

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Editorial, November 2021: Catechism Season

At the point that this edition of Beacon Lights arrives in the homes of our subscribers, most young people in the Protestant Reformed Churches will have been sitting under the catechism instruction of their pastor or elders for more than a month. If our readers are honest, that observation probably comes with a (quiet) sigh […]

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Tennessee Young People’s Retreat 2021

The 2021 Tennessee young people’s retreat was held August 9 to 13 by Providence, Hudsonville, Unity, and First (Holland) Protestant Reformed Churches. The retreat took place at Eagle Rock Retreat Center in the city of Tallassee. It was about an eleven-hour drive, give or take a bit due to stops for food and restrooms. Though […]

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