The Strength of Youth

A summary of the address delivered by Rev. H. Hoeksema on the evening of Aug. 21 at the Convention of the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies   “World War II is over.  War, however, is not over.  The anti-Christian power will be destroyed by the breath of the mouth of our Lord.  Therefore, we need […]

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Our School

Something about our school in general.  At present we have eight grades and thirty-three pupils.  This group is separated and we have four grades in one room and four in the other.  There are sixteen pupils in the first four grades and seventeen in grades five to eight.  Thus, quite evenly divided. When school began […]

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For a civilian there are many interesting things about a town located near a large air field and troop training area. There are three roads leading to San Bernardino from Redlands, the scenery is never monotonous. Along one road there are orange groves on both sides, branches of the trees hang over the curbs. Right […]

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