The day of August 16 dawned bright and clear. To all outward appearances it was no different than any of the days preceding or those which followed. Yet, without a doubt this was an important date. It is true, the headlines of the papers made no special mention; in fact, no mention at all of […]

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God Be With You Till We Meet Again

That song, as in past conventions, ended the last evening of the final day of one more convention. This song always causes me to have feelings of sadness. It’s the end. Three wonderful days during which covenant youth fellowshipped together have again come to a close. It hardly seems possible that three days could go […]

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The True Meaning of Christmas

Once again the Christmas season is upon us. Stores temptingly display their wares in the hope of making many sales during the holiday. Is it any wonder that the world wants Christmas? It proves to be a very wonderful and convenient time to promote sales resulting in huge profits for the store owner. The radio […]

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