Calvary’s Sympathies

Troubles! Grief and sorrows without number! Sorrows and pains of body and soul!  Yes, these things, regardless of their cause, spell the need of that psychological phenomenon which we call human sympathy.  And the peculiar thing about sympathy is that in spite of the character or degree of one’s affliction, we always seek to obtain […]

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Steadfastness and Youth

The fifth Annual Young People’s Convention is now a thing of the past but the pleasant memories retained by all who attended shall never be lost from sight. Again it was the privilege of this convention to be convoked by the inspirational message of one whom the President of our Federation properly introduced as a […]

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Looking Forward

Often it becomes discouraging when we look back and see that already two years have elapsed since our Protestant Reformed Youth gathered in Convention in the little town of Illinois—Oak Lawn! Many of us who participated in that Convention think back upon the thrilling experiences of that occasion and are filled with remorse and disappointment […]

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