The Calling of a Student

Students: What is your vocation? Have you made a career choice? Would you consider it your calling? If you are like the typical college student, your answer to that question likely is not a very confident one. It is not unusual to consider the college years as a quest to find one’s role in life. […]

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A Closer Look At the Olympics

The world has its full attention turned toward London this summer. The Olympic Games are one of the few events in the modern world that can bring the people and nations of the world together for a couple of weeks every four years. As feuding nations set aside their differences and march together in the […]

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A Different Point of View

Another society meeting. Another singspiration. Another mass meeting. When these events are announced in the bulletins, our eyes may subconsciously pass over them. After all, they are happening all the time. These periodic get-togethers may even annoy us. Do we really need another one of these? It can often be a difficult task to recognize […]

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