Be ye aware, God’s people 

Whether ye be young or old 

The devil is out lurking 

Of this we have been told.  


He creeps into our homes 

And we must be aware 

He can be oh so sneaky 

And destroy us without care! 


He is working on each one of us 

Through technology and TV 

So easy it is to become attached 

Oh why can we not see? 


Do we make the time to study 

Do we make the time to read? 

Or are we glued to our electronics, 

Wasting the time we need? 


 We must seek to grow in knowledge 

So we can then fight back 

Against his many wiles,  

And all of his attacks. 


Take time to be holy 

Prepare for the fight. 

To stand against the devil 

And do what is right. 


Be ye not afraid 

Because the devil cannot win 

God controls each of our lives 

And died for all our sins. 


We thank him for the comfort 

He gives us in his word 

He will never leave us nor forsake us 

This through his servants we have hear 


Originally published in Vol. 78 No. 11 

Oh, what a privilege

God gave the “Word of Life”

To his beloved children

As comfort in the strife

To guide and to direct

To study and to learn,

Through trials and through tears

On your path to discern.

May it be the light before you

That you run the race not in vain

Confess the Father’s name in heaven

And do so without shame.

Let your light so shine before men

During the convention week.

Encourage one another

Being loving, kind, and meek.

This word you posses

Is a gift that God gave you

Be ye thankful and hold fast to it

In everything you do.

Take everything you have learned

That “Word of life” apply

And take the hope it gives you,

Trusting Christ, who for you did die.

*Cheri is a member of Hope PR Church in Walker, MI.

When the Master calls in that last day
How was my time spent, what will I say?
Am I watching and waiting, looking ahead,
Instructing my children, the Bible daily read?

To raise up the children—I must daily prepare,
To answer their question, and for their needs care
Do I study God’s word that I may diligently teach,
That when they grow older they may spirituality reach?

Where are my priorities, do I strive for my “gain”
Or do I remember I have these children to train?
Time goes by so quickly, the children soon will be grown
Have I instructed them faithfully, the seeds of truth sown?

Without constant prayer and grace from above
I could not raise children apart from His love.
The children are a blessing, but are not my own
What a great responsibility to me He has shown

As a mother of young children in this evil day
I may remember my calling, This do I pray.
Happiness never will come out of things
But faithfulness to my calling contentment will bring.

Through our days in hope we live
For Jesus Christ, our Lord did give.
And when our days on earth are past,
Our heavenly Saviour we meet at last.

When our days in number quickly pass
How much we realize our days are as grass.
When troubles and trials seem to increase
To Jehovah we look, to find our peace.

We taught us daily in his commandments to walk.
When we enter glory we will with Him talk.
His shining face in radiance we’ll see
And worship Him on bended knee.

In heaven’s dwelling place we’ll be.
The mansions He prepared we’ll see.
And then in glory with the saints we’ll sing,
Bringing honor to our King.

God’s covenant children He always calls home
And then no longer on earth we’ll roam.
How we long to enter the Eternal rest
With Christ we’ll live, that will be best.

Many things in abundance, we must be thankful for
His beauty in creation, we hear the oceans roar
Each flower in its splendor, each bird up in the tree
Show our Maker’s majesty, How thankful we must be.

The rain in the springtime allows the crops to grow
The sun up in the sky, and the wintry winds that blow
Many stars at night and the moon so we can see
Show our Maker’s majesty, How thankful we must be.

Each day our tables are filled with more than daily bread
All our needs are met before we go to bed
Our clothes and our shelter and the way He cares for me
Show our Maker’s majesty, how thankful we must be.

The heavens declare Thy majesty, the earth Thy might displays
All creation sings Thy praise in many different ways
So teach us Lord to pray, Thy will alone be done
That we may thank and worship Thee, The Holy One.

Our families are a gift, given to us on earth,

By our Heavenly Father, the God of matchless worth.

The parents must reflect God’s glory and His love,

Until someday at last, we are a family up above.


God intended families, His covenant to reflect,

Each member has responsibilities, which he may not neglect.

The Bible is the basis by which they must abide,

Trusting always in the Lord that He will be their guide.


When a home is built, the father is the head,

Making sure each day that the Bible is read,

Discipline the children, when they disobey,

Teach them how important it is for them to pray.


The mother must stay at home to raise the covenant seed,

Always supporting her husband, in thought, in word, and deed.

There must be unity between a man and his wife,

In order to raise the children in a godly walk of life.


Responsibilities are given to the young people as well,

To serve the Lord daily, in His courts to dwell.

Faithfully attending catechism, week after week,

And in private devotions, “Thy face Lord I will seek.”


Only by God’s grace the family works as one,

We must thank Him daily for the gift of His Son.

In a covenant home, there is faith, trust, and love,

That God will reunite us in His perfect home above.

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