The Escape

The Escape is about three Huguenot children who flee persecution in France and their struggle to survive. Early in the story, John and Manette’s father is taken away because of his Christian beliefs. He is taken prisoner and forced to work on a galley ship. Their mother dies and John must live with his aunt […]

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The Two Margarets

This book is a true story about a teenager and a seventy-year-old who are both named Margaret. The story takes place in 1684-1685 in Scotland. They are both strong Christians who will not give up their true Christian faith. The young Margaret’s parents serve the King of England, Charles II, who is wicked because he […]

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The Basket of Flowers

The Basket of Flowers is a Christian novel that is 177 pages long. The book was originally written in French. It takes place somewhere in Europe probably in the 1500 or 1600’s. The original author and publication date is unknown. It was republished in 1996 by SAT Publications and can be ordered through Trinity Book […]

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