Student Life at Kampen, Netherlands

Goes, Nederland January 6, 1950 Dear Beacon Lighters, It has been a long time since we saw each other at the Iowa Convention, hasn’t it? A lot of things have happened in the past four months. I am now 4,000 miles from Iowa. To be more exact, I am writ­ing you from the desk of […]

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Rethinking Youth for Christ

It is with not little hesitation and apprehensiveness that I reflect upon the subject treated in last month’s issue of Beacon Lights and analyze the approach of my friend and fellow seminarian Marvin Koerner. Although I emphatic­ally agree with Marve as to his conten­tion that “Youth For Christ’’ is not pro­perly sponsored,—an agreement which legitimatizes […]

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Fellowship in Christ

“Fellowship in Christ”—that is the theme of this year’s Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention.  Fellowship in itself is a subject which is of special interest to youth.  But this is not enough.  We are a particular type of young people and thus the theme of our convention must also be of a particular type.  Therefore, […]

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