Response to “The Church and The World”

Oskaloosa, Iowa Dear Editor: In regard to the remarks of Mrs. Thomas A. Rhoda, I will try to clarify my point. We are called upon to separ­ate ourselves from the world. For that reason we establish our own Christian Schools. Then the Christian High forms a ball team. Well and good if left at that. […]

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The Church and the World

In the first place we shall see where the church stands: in the second place we shall see where the world stands; and, finally, we shall see how the church more and more goes along with the world. The true church of God is a living testi­mony of Christ. Living according to God’s commandments: separating […]

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New Year

The old year is past the new year has started. As we start our journey in this New Year let us take the Bible as our guide-book. For it is the only guide­book for our pilgrim journey here below. Let us remember this as we start this New Year in all we do. If we […]

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