Christian Meets Agape

Her name is Agape (pronounced ahGAHpay). Christian visited her in her lovely condominium complex at House Beautiful. A rare and beautiful woman, she lives up to her name, and is not to be confused with the voluptuous Eros. The latter does not belong in her book and is nowhere to be found there. According to […]

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Religion in Rock

At the time of the writing of this article, religion has found its way into much of our modern-day music. Such songs as “My Sweet Lord,” “Amazing Grace,” “Put Your Hand in the Hand,” and the controversial rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar have become best sellers. Why do these songs, which are so different from […]

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Blessed Peacemakers

There has seldom in our world been as much concern for peace as there is today. Most of this concern may be traced to wars and rumors of war, racism and rioting, which are increasing daily. Many people have taken it upon themselves to find an answer to their problem of hostility between nations and […]

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