The four categories and the writing prompts for the 2021 Summer Writing Contest were as follows:

Grades 7-9: Ministers of the Word — Give a brief history of the life & service of a Reformed pastor of your choice who has retired or gone to glory. Write 600-800 words. 

Grades 10-12: A Most Elegant Book — Explore an aspect of creation that you find especially beautiful or interesting. Describe how that aspect leads you and Christians in general to a greater knowledge of the Creator. Write 800-1000 words.

Post-high, age 18-22: Cults and Other Religions — Give a summary and description of a cult or other non-Christian religion of your choice, focusing on the errors of the group and giving a biblical defense against the errors. Write 1000-1500 words.

Post-high, age 23+: Nations, Tribes, and Tongues — Describe the history of the spread of Christianity in another country than the United States. If applicable, include an explanation of Reformed church work in the region, and explore the Christian calling to witness to all nations, tribes, and tongues. Write 1000-1500 words.

Contest Winners:
Age group 7th to 9th
1. A Vessel unto Honor (George Martin Ophoff): Emma Bosveld
2. Ministering to the Nations (Rev Rodney Miersma): Kara DeJong
3. Rev Michael DeVries: Anna DeVries
4. Cornelius Hanko: Hailey Mingerink
5. David Engelsma: Luke Drnek
Age group 10th to 12th
1. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Leah Mowery
2. God’s Creation of the Body: Tyler Block
3. End Times Revealed Through Birds: Abigail Schimmel
4. God’s Elect Lights: Sam Feenstra
5. The Mountains and Rock Formations: Zachary Hollema
Age group 18-22
1. Mormonism: The Book of Moses: Luke Potjer
2. Apollo Quiboloy: Appointed Son of God: Rebekah Buiter
3. The Terror of Doubt and an Uncertain Future: The Theological Errors of Islam: Alison VanBaren
4. Atheism: Shawna Hoksbergen
5. The Heaven’s Gate Cult: Josie Postma
Age group 23+
1. A History of Christianity in South Africa: Bruce Feenstra
2. Australia: Brianna Brands
3. A Reformed Presence on Guam: Skip Hunter
4. God’s Church in Egypt: Lorraine Smit
5. History of the Church in the Philippines and Call to World Mission: Dr. Julian Kennedy
All prizes have been mailed out to our winners. If you or your child have any questions or concerns regarding your prize, please email Thank you to all writers and judges for their participation in making this a record writing contest! Keep an eye out to read these submissions in future issues.

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