Women in Missions

Dear Schuiler,

Will you please explain in the Beacon Lights what place women have in our
Protestant Reformed Missionary work? I have been pondering this question for quite a while, and our Esther Society in Fuller Ave. Church has also discussed it. We especially discussed the fact that the Bible tells us that men are to do the preaching and teaching of the Word. Surely God has some place for His covenant daughters in the mission field.


Diane Brummel

* * * * *



Dear Diane,

I think your question is a very vital one, and I am very happy to know that such questions occupy the minds of our covenant daughters. I am also happy to note that your Esther Society understands the Scriptural and Reformed principle that only men, called and ordained by God through His Church must labour in the doctrine. This is according to the ordinance of God to which we must cling, both in the established Church and in the work of Missions. Therefore I think it is a fundamental mistake when some Christian School teachers seem to think it is their calling to teach Reformed Doctrine in the Christian Schools. This does not at all take away the fact that every Christian has a calling to witness for Christ whenever and wherever he or she may have an opportunity to do so.

Hence, we are agreed, that those who labour in the Word and doctrine, in the Mission fields, must be men called of God and of His Church, and qualified by the Holy Spirit. But then the anxious question still remains, does not God have work to do for His covenant daughters in the mission fields? My answer would be, indeed He has. If and when the Lord opens the way for the Protestant Reformed Churches to enter upon a foreign mission field, there will also be need of Christian teachers to teach the children the three R’s in order that the missionary may the more readily be able to instruct them in the doctrines of the Word of God. There will also be need of Christian doctors and nurses to minister unto the sick. I do believe, however, that Christian teachers that are sent to the mission field should be sponsored and sent by our societies for Christian instruction, while the doctors and nurses should be sponsored and supported by our deacons.

In the meantime I think our covenant daughters have a wonderful opportunity to be engaged in Christian work by being or becoming Christian school teachers, and Christian nurses. In a congregation like Fuller Ave., I think it would be wonderful if the deacons would support 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or as many Christian covenant daughters, trained as nurses, to minister unto the sick and needy. Above all our covenant daughters have a calling to be Christian mothers of our covenant children. Yours for greater Christian service,