How many of you have ever visited or lived in California?  Well, a few months ago I would have answered no to that question along with many of you Juniors.  But now I am here in Redlands, California.

While in Michigan and other northern states the leaves are turning gold and red and brown, and the air is filled with the smell of bonfires, in California, the sun shines brightly every day, roses are blooming and the oranges are ripening on the trees.

Schools are again in full swing everywhere and while all you Juniors are, no doubt, attending Christian schools, it is only in California that our Juniors are privileged to attend a Protestant Reformed School.  And I am privileged to be teacher.

As soon as the October Issue of Beacon Lights reached us, we read it through in school.  We studied all the pictures with keen interest and were surprised to find so many familiar faces.  We had just opened our books to the center picture, the long one where about three hundred of our number were gathered together, when one of my pupils raised his hand and remarked, “I found Rev. Hoeksema!”

We found the Convention Reflections interesting and stopped for a few moments of discussion after reading Rev. Vermeer’s reflection.  The Reverend wrote: “The banquet program was good, except for the movies.  Personally, I disapprove of movies at our Conventions”.  I explained that the pictures shown at the banquet were pictures of beauty spots in Nature and then they all wondered what objection and what Scriptural reasons Rev. Vermeer might have for his disapproval.  Perhaps, Juniors everywhere, as well as all our readers are equally interested to know.  Rev. Vermeer, will you write an article on the subject for the next issue of Beacon Lights?

And now, we invite all Juniors to contribute to our Junior Journal.  If you have any questions, any suggestions or any reflections, send them to: Junior Journal, 1248 Ohio St., Redlands, California.

We would especially like to hear from all Junior Societies.  Send us pictures of your societies, reports of your activities, essays, papers or anything you may have that would be of interest to our Juniors elsewhere.