The Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies

Hudsonville Sr. Young People’s Society

The Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Senior Young People’s Society meets for an hour and a half on Sundays immedi­ately following the morning service. At the present time, while waiting for our new church building to be built, we are meeting in a classroom at Hudsonville High School. This is O.K. for a while but shelves of novels and textbooks don’t convey the same atmosphere as Bibles and Psalters do.

Our meetings are divided into two main parts. The first and major portion of our meeting is Bible discussion, which is led by Rev. Hanko. This year we are studying the book of Revelation. This book, as I’m sure all of you know, is very difficult to understand. It is also a very important book in light of the fact that the end of time is rapidly approaching. We must be prepared to stand as children of God in these last perilous days. Revelation teaches us not to fear in these days, but rather, to place our complete and unwav­ering trust in God as the provider of all His children’s needs.

The second part of our meeting is the After Recess Program. This is led by our President, Gary Lanning. Also assisting are Vice-President, Gerry Schut; Secre­tary. Laura Brunsting; Treasurer, Sandy Lubbers; and Vice-all, Randy Miedema.

At the beginning of the year a committee assigned specific topics to members and also a date on which they were to give a discussion of their topic. However, a member may feel free to give a discussion on any topic he chooses. Many of the after recess programs consist of reading and discussing an article from the Beacon Lights.

It has become the tradition of our society to pay a visit shortly before Christmas, to the sick and shut-ins of our congregation. This year, as in the past years, we went to their homes and sang Christmas carols to them and also gave them baskets filled with fruit and baked goods.

Also this year we planned an auction to raise money for the convention. Members of our society went around and collect items donated by members of our neighboring congregations. These items were auctioned off on April 14, at VanHill’s Auction Barn in Zeeland.

In conclusion, I would like to urge all young people to join the Young People’s Society of their congregation for a very beneficial and unique period of Christian fellowship.