The Picture of Love (4)

“… Go, and do thou likewise,” and with those words Father concluded reading the parable of the good Samaritan. Lydia and Nathan had listened closely. It was one of their favorite stories.

“Hmm…that parable is quite a picture of love,” said Mother.

“Yes,” added Grandmother, who had come for a visit. “We always need to be asking ourselves, ‘To whom am I a neighbor?’”

After devotions Grandmother went to her suitcase and brought out two packages. “I brought something along for you,” she said to Nathan and Lydia, “but I want something in return. These are colored pencils and I would like each of you to make a picture for me to take back home.”

“Sure!” they agreed and quickly became absorbed in their task.

Steadily their drawings began to take shape. Steadily, that is, until their little sister Anna came to help. She plopped herself down in front of Lydia and asked, “Lyda, dwaw a picture for me?”

Without looking up Lydia replied, “Not now, Anna. Go away.”

“Nadan, dwaw a picture for me?” she persisted.

Nathan glanced sideways at his little sister and sighed, “Okay Anna, come here. What would you like me to draw?”

Anna rewarded her brother with a bright smile and snuggled next to him. “I want a picture of wuv.”

Nathan raised his eyebrows and said, “What?”

Anna repeated her request several times. “Wuv! I want a picture of wuv!”

Grandma walked into the room and chuckled as she heard Anna trying to explain. “I think she means love. Is that what you mean, Anna? Do you want a picture of love?”

She nodded.

“Well,” said Grandma, “that will be a beautiful picture!” and she winked at Nathan.

Nathan rested his head on his hands and sighed again. “Anna, how about a picture of a soft, furry kitten. Wouldn’t you like a picture of that?”

Anna considered the offer for a moment and then nodded. Quickly Nathan sketched the kitten on his paper and handed it to Anna.

Grandma leaned over and inspected the drawing. She shook her head. “I don’t see a picture of a kitten,” she said. Then she looked directly at Nathan and smiled, “I see a picture of love!”


Read the parable in Luke 10:30-37.

In the story, Nathan was neighbor to whom?

To whom are you neighbor? ❖