Spiders are small animals that spin silk webs. They use their webs as nets to catch and eat insects. They can even catch insects that are bigger than themselves, such as a grasshopper. Many people are afraid of spiders, and kill any they find, but there are only six spiders in North America that can harm peo­ple. Spiders coat their legs with an oily substance from their mouth, so that they can pass over the sticky web without getting caught themselves. Before a female spider lays her eggs, she spins a soft cocoon. A spider lays her eggs in the cocoon. She lays about five hundred eggs at a time.

We are very lucky that God gave us spiders. A spi­der’s place is to keep the population of insects down, so if you see a spider, think about why God created it.

In Proverbs 30:28, it says, “The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.”