Of Men and of Angels

Of Men and of Angels by Lon Woodrum, Published by Zondervan Publishing House.

Of Men and of Angels by Lon Woodrum is another winner in Zondervan’s second International Christian Fiction Contest. It gives us the story of Steve Glen, a young man of noble character and grim determination.

As a child Steve had lost his parents, when their car crashed into a canyon. His parents had left him with Jason Gray and his wife, Phoebe. After the accident Jason and Phoebe decided to keep Steve for good. They were the only parents he ever knew.

Gold Springs, the place of Steve’s birth, was a small town. As Steve became older he became tired of small town life and, at nineteen, left Gold Springs in search of adventure and romance. He felt certain that he would never return.

Later he was inducted into the army. While trying to cross the beach at Normandy he thought once again of how peaceful Gold Springs had been. His thoughts turned back to Jason and Phoebe. After his discharge he decided to return to Gold Springs and visit once again what had once been his home. He is driving toward Gold Springs as our book begins.

When he arrives he finds that some things have changed, while others have remained much the same. Dian Lockwood’s boldness is much the same as it always has been. Jenny Grant, who as a child had made Steve feel disdain for her, is now a lovely young woman. Her father, Allan Grant, is still pastor of St. Paul’s Church in town. Jason Gray’s whole-hearted affection for Steve is as wonderful as it always had been. The office of the Gold Springs Chronicle owned and edited by Jason, also has not changed much.

Steve’s return to Gold Springs leads him to a series of adventure, romance, joys, and sorrows, none of which he could possibly have anticipated. The author entertwines joys and sorrows, victories and seeming defeat, doubts and determination, to form an interesting, heart- warming, and spiritually uplifting novel.

Watching Steve stand in grim determination and observing him as he fights the forces of evil and remains faithful through trials, turning defeat into victory, forces the reader to think of his own shortcomings and failures. Once again we cannot endorse every phase of the religious life presented in the novel. However, we can recommend the book to those who are interested in this type of reading material.

Since there isn’t room in Beacon Lights to make a lengthy report on all books received for review, I will list two books which have been received and which I believe are good reading material for our younger readers.

MYSTERIOUS PASSAGE by Dana Winslow is an adventure story about two young men who spend their summer vacation with missionary friends in India. The book may be obtained from Zondervan’s for $1.00.

SILVER STAR AND THE MUSTANG ROUNDUP by Basil Miller is a very easy book to read and is recommended for those in the early teens. This is another Zondervan book. The price is also $1.00.