In Memory of a Dear Person

(Someone who will always be close to my heart)

Heidi L. Baas

May 1957 – July 1997


As every day passes and the minutes go by,

The pain never ceases and I start to cry.

The memories within me they always appear,

Whether good ones or bad ones, they start with a tear.


He took you away from us, to be with Him there,

Your heavenly mansion was already prepared.

Often I wonder why He had to take you,

Didn’t He know that we needed you?


The first time I saw you, I just stood there in shock,

You didn’t look like Aunt Heidi; this picture I wanted blocked.

I wanted to scream and drop to my knees,

I didn’t want you to be gone – “God help me please!”


There were feelings inside me, and things I wanted to say,

But you’re no longer here and I had to walk away.


When I found out you had died, I cried in my sleep,

That’s when the pain started, it started so deep.

I hated myself for never saying the phrase:

That was “I love you, I’ll love you always.”


You are gone now, away from me, but so near to my heart,

Your memories I’ll cherish, they’ll never depart.

Often I find myself thinking of them,

Wishing to turn back and that the “rules” could bend.


But I know where you are now,

And how happy you must be.

Because you are singing with the angels,

Living with God and His Son for all eternity.