I Can’t Understand It

My teacher sure is mean. It seems like he’s always yelling at me when I’m not doing anything. No, I don’t mean exactly yelling, but he’s always saying don’t do this and don’t do that, and then he punishes us for no reason at all. It’s just that the other kids do much worse things than I do, but I always get bawled out. I think he’s picking on me.

Like today, here we were, coming in just when the bell stopped ringing and he tells us we’re late and have to stay in. Well, I explained that we were just standing right out there in the hall talking, and we didn’t know it was time for the bell. Then when I heard the bell, I had to get my book out. He doesn’t want me to come to class without my book. So I get my book, and then I get punished for being tardy.

Then in history class I couldn’t answer that question he asked. Of course, I couldn’t answer it: I forgot to do the assignment. I was doing some other things and I just completely forgot it. I would have done it if I had just thought of it. I know I couldn’t answer the questions yesterday either, but that was because I left my paper at home. I did the whole thing, but I just didn’t have it with me.

Later on he gets after me because I was doing my math. I know it was history class, but I had just a couple more problems to do. I was listening to the history lesson, and if I missed something, I could always get it from my friend later. If I don’t get my math done, then I get in trouble in math class. I guess he doesn’t care if I get in trouble with my math teacher.

Then at recess time I get in trouble for staying in the restroom and not going outside. I know he told us before that we had to go outside, but we were just getting our coats on, and then the bell rang. We were just standing around in there talking, and we didn’t know what time it was. He didn’t have to talk to us. After all, we were going to go out.

It’s true that I pushed this kid in the halls, but he didn’t have to get mad about that. He didn’t even let me explain. Here I was just walking down the hall when I bumped into this kid. He thought I did it on purpose, so he gave me a great big shove. So I shoved him back. I didn’t do it very hard. I couldn’t help it that he fell down. He must have slipped or something. Besides, we were just having a little fun. I don’t know why I get blamed for everything.

I stayed in at noon for tardiness. Yes, he had to send somebody out to get me from the playground, but I couldn’t help that. I would have been in there, but I forgot. I came right in, and I was standing around talking to some other kids and eating the apple I had left from lunch. Then he comes and tells me I have to sit in my seat and do some work. He never told me I had to sit in my seat when I was staying in. Then he won’t even let me finish my lunch.

Maybe I was talking a little bit in class, but I just asked for a sheet of paper. How do they expect you to get your work done if you don’t have any paper? That other time I couldn’t help it. The person behind me poked me. I couldn’t just sit there and not answer him. He just asked me a question, and I answered him. Then when he said my name, I wasn’t even talking. I was only turning around to look at my friend. I didn’t say a single word, and then he says my name. I can’t help it that my friend sits back there. You should see some of the other kids. They talk a lot more than I do, and they hardly ever get punished.

I can’t understand it. Here I try my hardest, and all they do is yell at me. I always get blamed for everything. Why do they always pick on me?