Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley by Douglas C. Percy, Published Zondervan Publishing House.

Hidden Valley is a mystery novel with the setting of its larger part in the heart of the Sudan in Africa. In the story we see how the native witch doctors and leopard men go about their evil ritual, sacrificing human victims in order to appease the evil spirits.

“Prof” is a chemistry teacher at Melbourne College. Teaching has become dull to him. Then suddenly he is strangely attracted to two of his students, Peter Dunning and Bill McAdams. Peter Dunning is interested in what he calls ‘active Christianity’ and organizes the Christian Fellowship Group at the college. His friend, Bill McAdams, is an energetic, active young man who is preparing himself for medical practice.

A few years pass and we find Peter going about his labors as missionary in the heart of Africa and Bill just finished with his internship. Bill and the Prof meet and have dinner together. As they eat dinner, their conversation turns to Peter. Since both Bill and the Prof are restless, they decide to spend the summer in Africa with Peter.

In the meantime, Peter is working against great odds in Africa. He must overcome the dark practices of the native witch doctors and leopard men. Finally, Peter’s own life is threatened. The outcome is interesting.

The author himself has been a missionary in this part of Africa and therefore can present a very clear picture of the actions of the witch doctors, etc. We will let the individual reader decide as to the authenticity of each incident that occurs.

It is wonderful to see how a missionary will hold to his purpose and continue in his labors in spite of dangers and difficulties. The book places a challenge before all who read it.

Although the Arminian approach is used in the mission work, the book should not be misleading to careful readers. I believe it deserves the attention of our young people.