Heavenly Mansions

In Father’s heav’nly home
Are many mansions bright;
He has prepared these for His own
Who in His ways delight.
While in this vale of tears
We grief and sorrow know,
Our pathway’s strewn with rocks and thorns
And many a deadly foe.

This world is not our home:
We’re pilgrims trav’ling here.
This life equips us for our place
Somewhere beyond this sphere.
And so we must prepare
Before we reach that land;
Our hearts and minds must follow Him
Who has this journey planned.

The riches here below
Will never satisfy:
They can’t compare with blessedness
Awaiting us on high.
The pleasures of this world
Are empty, gaunt, and bare,
While purest joy and ecstasy
Await us over there!