An Open Letter to Schuiler

In the Beacon Lights of August an article appears by Schuiler in which he writes that the teaching of Reformed Doctrine is not the task of the school and that Christian School Societies err when they appoint ordained ministers of the Word to teach Bible and Reformed Doctrine in the school. For the sake of brevity I will not quote this article but merely refer our readers to it.

The reader will understand that the undersigned is greatly interested in this question. And I am sure that the school board is also interested. Fact is, I have been engaged in this work during the last school season and have been requested to continue in the season that lies before us. I expect to teach two classes of Bible and certainly look forward to teaching our children in our Protestant Reformed doctrine. According to the article in Beacon Lights the school board erred when they asked me to teach and I erred when I accepted the appointment.

We know that there are three agencies of instruction: the home, the church, and the school. If it be true that no Christian School Society may appoint ordained ministers to teach Bible or Reformed doctrine in the school and that to teach Reformed doctrine is exclusively the task of the church, then one cannot escape the conclusion that also the home may not be engaged in this task. I would, therefore, ask you the following questions. First, may I as a Christian parent teach Reformed doctrine to my children in the home? Secondly, should we not distinguish between teaching doctrine and preaching the Word? When I teach doctrine to my children at home or to the children in the school I do not preach to them.