An Open Door

Jamaica, as I am sure you know, has been one of our mission fields for many years. I had the privi­lege of visiting some of our churches there this Spring. Much could be said about the people and churches there. God has richly blessed us with a mission that truly needs our attention, work, and prayers. The peo­ple in Jamaica are enthusiastic and eager to hear the Word of God proclaimed.

For us as a denomination to have missions, we must be committed to them, be willing to work for them, and use everything that God gives us to dili­gently teach there. Mission work must be a priority in our churches and a priority that binds us closer together. Ministers must pray for all our mission fields, not one but all. A missionary is not just a job but a calling from God. All those called to be mission­aries must be willing to sacrifice everything for Christs name. Our missionaries must eagerly confess as the Apostle Paul did, “for I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.”

We as members of the church have an important job also. We must be a constant witness to all around us that Jesus lives within our heart. We must be eager to share this with all. Prayers must also be raised for mission work. Beside all this, we must also be ready to die for the name of the Lord Jesus.

Although we may be individuals or churches pro­claiming the Word, we must remember that it is not our mission project but God’s. God will determine who will be converted. We are directed to a mission field to proclaim His name as revealed to us in His Word, and for His glory. If there are converts; they are His. If there are no converts; we can rest in His will. We will then be patient with the people that God has led to us. We live in an age of instant wants and needs. We want things now and besides wanting them now; we want lots of them. We want many converts fast or our atti­tude becomes one of “let us move on to another field”. We often decide when it is time to shut the door; instead of having faith that God will open and close the door.

Is it God that is shutting the door on the Jamaican people who confess His name? Is it God that is shutting the door on the people interested in the truth, and eager to hear the Word? It seems we are absorbed in closing the door; what are we afraid will get through the door? We must remember God’s Word never returns void.

Part of the purpose of doing missions is because God has commanded us to love our neighbor. In doing mission work we truly show our concern and love for the neighbor. If we love our neighbor who maybe unconverted, how much more love will we have for the saints in Jamaica.

We must accept that missions involve working with people who do not believe as we do. We must go out and teach all, not just Protestant Reformed people but all people.

Pray for our mission fields and missionaries!